Mold Spores

Where can mold grow in Florence? Mold is everywhere in our environment.  Usually mold spores remain dormant until the right conditions come along to fertilize it.  Mold spores need moisture, oxygen and warmth in order to bloom and grow.  Any time mold spores make their way into a warm dark place in your home or [...]


What is Lead? Lead is found in nature in the earth's crust and surface.  In small amounts lead has benefits but can be toxic to small humans and animals.   Where can I find lead in the Florence area? Almost everywhere.  Lead can found in our buildings, soil, water, dishware and even in the air [...]


Where is Asbestos Found in the Florence area? Asbestos used to be used quite frequently in construction for residential, commercial, and industrial building projects. Asbestos was valued for its heat resistance and fiber strength, promoting its use in many building materials such as roofing shingles, ceilings, wall boards, plaster, floor tiles, paper products, and asbestos [...]